Read About Frictionworks in Concealed Carry Magazine

We are excited at making the “Gear We Love” section of the Aug/Sep issue of ConcealedCarry. They tested our 4 inch vise jaws in both the SH60 medium hardness and the SH80 high hardness models and we made the cut. Not a surprise if you are familiar with what else is out there before we came along. The staff commented on our oversized neodymium magnets and the fact that we are made in the USA. While they are extremely handy for all around shop use, we use them, in both the 4 and 6 inch versions, mostly when working with our firearms, including AR builds. Our customers include gunsmiths as well as woodworkers, metal shops, bicycle shops, and more. Our usage guide provides helpful information on getting the most out of your frictionworks jaws, precautions, specs, and maintenance/cleaning.